Attention IER members

Sadly, please be aware the system has been suddenly rejected by IER for future use.

That is why it is offline, it is not UNDER maintenance. I hope this clarifies any rumours. No explanation was given to us. There has been no failure of services.

The message we received was a rejection of the continuation of the previous contract terms whereby the revenues of the software system were to be split between IER and us as signed and agreed in the original 5 year contract.

It was our proposal that IER could consider to drop membership fees in favour of a per job submission fee which allows busy engineers to pay more than employed engineers who don’t do contract works.

We were offered a 6 month contract, and a reduction in revenue sharing by 75%. This is simply not commercially possible for us to cover our costs anymore on the zero revenues we have received.

We innovated an online membership platform for IER, we scanned in over 20,000 qualification documents and hosted that system for free over the last 3 years as, which has now become It is literally the same software company. Only a change of name really from informatics to edata.

E-Membership was a unique and sophisticated system for the benefit of IER that other engineering institutions across Africa did not have. We believed that Rwanda was a hub for innovation.

Unfortunately the “PDIN” building permit system we created for you to prevent non members from operating in the engineering industry was never used. Despite it was approved for use by the general assembly. Twice.

Also, we had offered every member a free self editable website and some new features to the system such as mapping and workflow software systems and CRM and invoicing.

The online application system and membership approval process and ECARDS and ECERTIFICATES are now offline permanently. I have informed IER that we shall be deleting the membership data as we have no further use for it. We are unclear what the plan forward is - as we have no future relationship with IER.

Thank you for the relationship we developed over 3 years, it is deeply saddening to us that the system is extinguished by unexplained actions by the IER administration. We have not received any notice of poor services or system errors. The outages are due to non payment of the system by IER, and now refusal to sign any contract or letter of intent. Unfortunately we cannot continue to provide free services with no contract.

Shane Martin Dale